5124 Pleasant Valley Road, Bliss, NY 14024

Summer Activities 2016

Memorial Day Weekend


9:00 am
40th Anniversary Memorabilia Pick-Up

L. Carretto

9:30 am
Coffee & Donuts

Ashleys & Pages

10:00 am
Informational Meeting

FL Board of Directors

Monday, June 6

6:30 pm
Line Dancing Begins

J. Bottlinger

Friday, June 24

7:30 pm
Bingo Begins

V. Zimmer

Saturday, June 25

7:00 pm
Trivia Night

M. Granger

Monday, June 27

10:00 am
Water Aerobics Beings

J. Bottlinger

July 4th Weekend

Saturday, July 2nd

1:00 pm
4th Annual John DiSalvo Bocce Tournament

G. Granger

1:00 pm
Kids Bike Decorating & Faun Lake Pet Parade

T. Bookmiller

8:00 pm
Movie Under the Stars

V. Zimmer

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